Our team of experts   have been successfully engaged in finances for many years and we proceed from our experience gained in leading broker companies. What preceded establishing this fund? We developed unique algorithmic approaches and methods, testing countless mathematical models. We use quantitative advance data analysis, which allow to our investors diversify investments and achieve positive balances in their portfolios.


For qualified  portfolio management  we use evaluation and prioritization of risks.   Thanks to   our knowledge of capital markets we are able to identify and exploit trading opprotunities. The key factors for any portfolio management usually involves real estate, private equity funds, bonds, stocks or alternative investment opportunities. On the basis of previous experience in portfolio managements we developed an investment strategy which brings a stable revenue making possible to increase a value of investor´s assets. It is our strongest motivation to grow up together with our clients. Business ideas and company product of Momentum Assets is generally given to investors with long-term investing targets, investors preferring a complex solution for their portfolios.



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